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Laws of the game eyewear player safety

  • 21/02/19
  • By Secretary Wirral CGFL
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Players wearing spectacles containing metal and glass must be removed!

The league has reminded all referees and clubs, players that require glasses whilst on the field of play must wear suitable sports goggles and not spectacles.
Spectacles contain glass and metal, sports glasses are specially produced to ensure the wearers safety.

Referees have been told to request players remove unsuitable eye wear.
If a player refuses, then they will first be cautioned. If they still refuse to remove them, they must leave the field of play immediately. Where they can be replaced by a substitute.

Please comply and assist with the request.
Do not by action or by taking no action allow abuse or questioning of the referee by spectators.
The referee is mearley applying the Laws of the game to ensure players safety.

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