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Real Socialdads

  • 20/04/23
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Due to playing an ineligible player Real Socialdads have been fined, had points deducted, matches awarded to their opponents and been removed from the Thanet League Cup.

Deduct the points gained (14) by the club in the 9 league fixtures that the ineligible player played.
Award the points to the opponents in the league fixtures that the ineligible player played. With the exception of the game v Whitstable. This game will be replayed (at the cost of Real Socialdads) due to the impact on the Division 2 title on a date to be decided.
Remove Real Socialdads from the Thanet League Challenge Cup as the ineligible player played twice in this competition. Herne Bay Harriers (the opponents in the 1st round) are happy to remain in the Westcliff Cup (Consolation cup). Herne Bay Over 35’s (the opponents in the 2ndround) will be re-instated at the Semi Final stage.
The club will be fined £10.00 per fixture that the ineligible player appeared. (11). Totalling £110.00. £10.00 to be paid within 7 days and £100.00 to be suspended for 2 years (end of season 2024-25). If no further registration offences in the 2 years the further £100.00 will be voided.

Real Socialdads Fine & penalties. - Download / Open