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Robertsons taste defeat for first time

  • 12/10/08
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Its a knockout

It was a bitter taste of defeat for the first time for Robertson Scaffolding, a 4-1 defeat at the hands of Marsden Inn Rangers. Robertsons could maybe point to the fact that four key players were missing Dan Smith, Dan Purvis, Ian Hudson and Christie Elliott and were unlucky to have three disallowed goals, but the other players should have realised that a little bit extra effort was therefore required and some of the lads could maybe ask themselves if they actually played to their full potential.

On this occasion it was three of the older heads in the team that played with the required commitment Wayne Henry, Chrissy Sinclair and Dave Smith who all remained more focused on their game. Too many of the younger lads allowed themselves to be intimidated instead of just getting on with their game and not getting involved in petty squabbles. The young lads have proved in their past performances which resulted in the unbeaten run that the best course of action is to let their football skills do the talking instead of getting involved in verbal attacks and wanting to fight with the opposition.

The team must now prove their character and bounce back next week against Simonside SC and get back to playing the slick passing game they have become renowned for.

The Division cup was possibly the teams best chance of actually winning a trophy this season, but who is to say that if the lads can buckle down and get back to performing how they can, that they can not mount a serious promotion campaign or maybe a good cup run in the other two remaining cup competitions.