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*Breaking news Urwin set to return*

  • 03/10/08
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A pictorial example how Urwin has developed as a player from early days to present day

Micky Urwin has decided he would like to return to the team who set him off on his senior football Career he started as a 16 year old at the Robin when he made his debut for the team in Goal. Urwin a gifted goalkeeper loves playing outfield and manager Steve Dean gave him his chance playing him at left back, when he could also carry on playing in Goal for his other team at the time Monkton.

Urwin went on to actually win the managers young player of the year award two seasons ago due mainly to his versatility in playing outfield and playing in goal when asked to do so putting his own personal preference aside for the benefit of the team.

Urwin actually last season for the Robin Hood got nominated most times by the opposition for star man, some may say that was mainly down to because of his red hair he was so noticeable, but as people have to admit if he had been playing poor his red hair would have made him just as noticeable, so he must have been playing well to get nominated.

It was a surprise when Micky Urwin announced he was considering leaving as he seemed to always enjoy playing for the Robin. He was obviously ambitious in wanting to move up to the next division and when he left he didn?t know then that the then Robin Hood who have subsequently changed names to Robertson Scaffolding were to gain promotion to the A Division.

Urwin was probably only one of two players that manager Steve Dean was sorry to see leave from last seasons squad, as he was endeavouring to formulate a good young side that would hopefully play together for a number of years making their way eventually to the Premier League of the South Shields Sunday League.

Ironically if Urwin does re-sign his last game for Ellison SC would be against Robertson Scaffolding a 2-2 draw, where he made a number of last ditch tackles that stopped Robertsons from gaining a much deserved win. Urwin will be rejoining at a time when Robertsons are sitting joint top of the A Division league.

After playing against the new young Robertson Scaffolding team twice this season for Ellison SC, Urwin realises that unlike in the past when he was regarded as probably an automatic choice to play he will be facing a challenge to gain an automatic place in the team this time.

Urwins fullback berth has been mainly filled so far this season by new signings Dan Purvis and Darryll Donnelly, two players who were short listed for this seasons first Player of the month award, an award which was won by Christie Elliott another new signing which only goes to show how well the Manager has done in recruiting new signings for this season. So Urwin definitely has a fight on his hands to re-establish himself in the team, but Urwin obviously loves a challenge and he will be trying his utmost to get in and then stay in the team.