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Bents Park Parking 2010/11

  • 07/08/10
  • By Mark Young - Recreation Assistant
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Details of parking at Bents Park 2010/11

Dear Team Representative,


As you are aware we have had numerous complaints from local residents regarding parking problems caused by players and supporters of teams which use the Dragon Pitches. These complaints relate to vehicles being indiscriminately parked in the Westoe Crown Development and neighbouring roads adjacent to Mowbray Road flats. In addition it has also been noted that vehicles are parking on grass verges along Bents Park Road. Despite writing to team managers on a number of occasions and raising the issue with league secretaries the parking problems continued to persist during the course of last season.

With the commencement of the 2010/11 season we would urge that all players/supporters respect local residents and use the public car parks located on the Seafront. As you will be aware the Sea Road section of the Dragon is a public car park and this is immediately adjacent to the football pitches. Parking charges are 1p per minute, £2.40 all day and an annual permit is £50.00

The Council has instructed parking enforcement staff to increase their patrols in the vicinity of the Dragon pitches during the course of the 2010/11 season. Those found parked illegally will be issued with Fixed Penalty Notices. The Police have been made aware of the issues and they will also be monitoring the area.

You should be aware that the Council will remove the use of a pitch from any team which is found to have players parking illegally in the vicinity of the Dragon Pitches on match days.

We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.