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  • 13/06/07
  • By Malcolm McKenna
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A summary of what the league site is all about.

South Shields Sunday Morning league website 2007/08


The South Shields Sunday Morning League (SSSML) Website was created in 2006 to show fixtures, results, Referee assignments and any important league information. This season (2007/08) we are looking to use more of the sites available functions. The site can be a great way to helping your team get onto the Web, each team can have there own news items and player stats more in depth detail will be explained below. With league and club members helping this site can be a used as a vital source of information to all involved in the league from supporters to club secretaries.
What is available?

Here is a summary of what is available

? A designated home page for each division and cup (team pages too with specified web link)
? Up to date league tables
? Results
? Up and coming fixtures
? Referee assignments
? News items (League, Cup, Individual club news too)
? All important league documents available to download (including team sheets, signing on and transfer forms)
? Mobile phone access to the league site (this is a mini site so not as much content to keep mobile costs down)
? Ability to send in results via a text message
? Email updates (this is to alert you every time the site is updated)
? Links to other sites
? Printer friendly documents ? Fixtures, fixtures grid, tables and referees
? Match details including teams, goal scorers, bookings, sending offs, man of the matches for each side etc
? Match reports (uploaded by club representatives)
? Club statistics
? Venue details, including directions

League website link:
Each division has its own web link along with every club; details can be requested from the league administrator.

To ensure that the web site runs smoothly and to the maximum capacity there are roles and responsibilities for our members if you wish to help.

Administrator = Malcolm McKenna (
The responsibility for the administrator is to ensure that all information is correct and that all login details are provided when required. He is also responsible for general maintenance of the site.

The league will set up the site to show;

? All club and assigned venue details
? Fixtures
? Results (unless text in by a club official)
? Referee assignments
? Clubs player details (this is sent to the site administrator from the leagues registration secretary)
? Suspensions (sent to the site administrator from a league representative)
? Official league documents (Team sheets, signing on forms, league handbook etc)
? League notices (news articles)
? Links to other sites on request.

What can my club do?

All clubs within the league can have a club administrator set up. They will be able to add information to the site. This will be very helpful to clubs that do not have a web site or wish to use this site in the future as their main site.

The club administrator will have the ability to do the following

? Add results (via text or directly onto the web site)
? Add match reports and match details including player statistics
? Club news items (including pictures)

This is information will enhance the site even more than what we had last year. Please take a look at the Cock Crow inn?s page for 06/07 season for an example (not complete)

Any questions please don?t hesitate to contact.