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Super Saturday 2015 Secured...!

  • 15/01/15
  • By Sir Arthur Ian-League
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Historic Sandy Lodge Summit Meeting

After weeks of (sometimes tortuous) negotiations on the tees, greens (and ultimately the 19th hole) of Sandy Lodge Golf Club, the Chairman of the Arthurian League and the Hon. Secretary of the Arthur Dunn Cup finally signed an historic agreement ensuring that the “Super Saturday” format (which has proved to be very successful) continues in 2015 and beyond.

As a reminder, Super Saturday sees the finals of the Arthurian League’s David Woolcott Trophy (12pm) and Junior League Cup (1pm) take place before the final of the Arthur Dunn Cup Competition (3pm).

The date and venue for Super Saturday 2015 is April 18th at Heston Sports Ground, the address of which Crane Lodge Road, Cranford, Middlesex TW5 9PQ.

In case you wonder why negotiations took place at a golf course, the rationale is very simple – golf combines 3 favourite Arthurian pastimes:

• Taking long walks.
• Hitting things with a stick.
• Masochism (and not just sartorial) in the open air.