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Message from the FA

  • 15/12/14
  • By Arthurian League Secretary
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Message from the FA in relation to the late sending of the results texts on Saturday 13th December

Full-Time SMS - Saturday 13th December

Unfortunately we had a delay with the sending out of SMS messages on Saturday 13th December.

We had a problem today with the outgoing SMS messages for Full-Time. This was the same problem as had been seen on the afternoon of Sunday 7th. All outgoing SMS messages due on Saturday 13th were sent our by 8.30pm.

A fix was made in time for games on Sunday 14th December, and we have not had any issues with the SMS system today.

Please note that the SMS logs for outgoing messages due today will not show these messages as being delivered, although clubs will have received a text. This is because the log shows the original attempt to send the SMS, and not the "resent" version we have triggered this evening.

Apologies to all concerned for the inconvenience this will have caused with late result gathering and clubs contacting leagues concerned about not having received their prompts. We are confident the fix that has been made will ensure this issue will not occur in the future.