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Rules of the Arthur Dunn Cup

  • 02/12/15
  • By The ADC Committee
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Rules of the Arthur Dunn Cup

. The Competition shall be called the ARTHUR DUNN CUP, and seek sanction annually from The Amateur Football Alliance

2. The management of the competition shall be vested in the Committee consisting of the President, Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and not more than six ordinary members. The quorum shall consist of the Hon. Secretary and not less than four other Officers or ordinary members of the Committee.

3. The Competition shall be open to such clubs as the Committee shall decide to invite, whose teams in this Competition shall consist exclusively of former pupils of a Public School. Such Clubs shall be invited by the Hon. Secretary before the end of January preceding the forthcoming football season and acceptance shall be notified to the competition Secretary on or before the 1st April preceding such season. Admission shall be subject to approval at the Annual General Meeting. The Entry Fee shall be such sum as the Committee shall from time to time decide and shall be payable with acceptance.

4. The President, Chairman, Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and ordinary committee members shall be elected annually at the General Meeting. Vice-Presidents shall be elected for life at the Annual General Meeting.

5. Annually, in rotation, two ordinary members of the Committee shall retire and shall not be eligible for re-election for a period of one year.

6. The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy in their number that may occur during the year, subject to confirmation at the next General Meeting.

7. Upon receipt of a request with a resolution in writing from six or more Clubs, the Hon. Secretary shall call a General Meeting, to be held within three weeks from the receipt of such requisition. At such meeting any decision of the Committee may be reversed or amended by a three-fourths majority of those present.

8. A General Meeting shall be held annually not later than 31st July, of which 14 days’ written notice shall be given by the Hon. Secretary. Each of the Clubs competing during the current season, together with the President, the Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer shall be invited to attend. Each Member Club present at such meeting shall be entitled to one vote.

9. The Committee shall fix the date for each round of the competition and the matches shall be played on those dates unless an earlier date is mutually agreed. The Hon. Secretary shall be empowered in exceptional circumstances at his absolute discretion to permit a match to be played after the fixed date.

10. The draw for the first and second round will be made at the previous season’s General Meeting; subsequent rounds will be drawn at a later date. The club first drawn shall have choice of ground. All matches except the Final must be played on School grounds whenever they are available. If not available then the match must be played on a ground regularly used by the home club and again, if not available, on a ground mutually acceptable to both clubs and with the consent of the competition Hon. Secretary. In the case of re-played ties the club not having had the choice of ground in the first instance shall have choice of ground for the re-played tie. All ties undecided at the end of extra time in the re-play shall be decided by kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the Laws of the Game and International Football Board procedures.

11. The duration of each match shall be one and a half hours. Extra time of thirty minutes shall be played in the case of all drawn ties, unless in exceptional circumstances a shorter period of not less than twenty minutes is commonly agreed by the Clubs and referee. Three substitutes shall be permitted at any time, the names of the substitutes must be given to the referee before the beginning of the match.

12. Where the colours of the two competing Clubs are similar the home team must change its colour to white or to a non-conflicting colour.

13. The Final shall be played on such ground as the committee shall from time to time determine. If the Final is undecided after extra time there will be no replay so the game will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the Laws of the Game and International Football Board procedures.

14. The Hon. Secretary of the winning club shall post written notice of the result of each tie to the Hon. Secretary within three days from the date on which the tie was played.

15. Referees and Assistant Referees shall be appointed by an Appropriate Referee’s Secretary at the discretion of the Committee. Where it does not prove possible to provide an Assistant Referee each club shall appoint a linesman. In no circumstances shall a substitute be eligible for appointment as a linesman.

16. The competition shall maintain a fund for charitable purposes to which part of the proceeds of the Final after the deduction of all the expenses shall be applied. The proceeds to be distributed at the Committee’s discretion.

17. With the exception of the next following Rule, any alterations or additions to the Rules shall be decided by a three-fourths majority at a General Meeting convened by the Hon. Secretary by at least 14 days’ written notice.

18. Dissolution of the Competition shall take place only after a Resolution to such effect has been passed by a three-fourths majority at a General Meeting specially convened for such purpose by the Hon. Secretary with three weeks’ written notice of the meeting and at which the representatives of at least three-quarters of the Clubs belonging to the competition are present. In the event of dissolution then the funds shall be allocated to each charity or charities as the committee meeting shall decide.

19. Any matters not provided for by the foregoing Rules shall be decided by the Committee whose decision shall be accepted as final by all Clubs and players taking part in the Competition.

20. Any disputes arising in the course of the Competition shall be decided conclusively by the committee. APPEALS from decisions of the Committee may be made to an Appeals Committee appointed by the Amateur Football Alliance provided that such appeal shall be accompanied by such deposit as The Amateur Football Alliance shall from time to time decide (which shall be liable to forfeiture if the appeal be unsuccessful) to be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary within SEVEN DAYS of the Committee’s decision.