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  • 14/11/22
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Average Sportsmanship Marks given to teams from start of season to 18th February 2023

SCILW: League Respect Programme - Team Sportsmanship Tables

Click on the link to find the latest publication of this season’s team sportsmanship marks.

Each Season teams are given a sportsmanship mark from the match referee which is out of a maximum score of 100. The teams with the highest marks are given an Award (Trophy and monetary) at the end of the Season.
The tables below show the season’s average marks (by Division) given to individual teams from all league and league cup matches played so far.
An average mark below 70 is a serious behavioural issue which must be addressed by the Club Committee.
Any club that drops below this threshold will be required to attend a specially convened meeting with the League Disciplinary Panel where the club could face expulsion if the issues are not addressed appropriately.

Sportsmanship Tables - Download / Open