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  • 30/04/15
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Social Networking Sites
The use of social networking sites is very much part of everyday life and it is therefore appropriate to remind ALL club members of their responsibilities with regard to published material. It is not the intention of the Weston Super Mare and District League to discourage the use of such sites but club members should be aware of the implications of publishing inappropriate comments regarding any aspect of football. Any postings which overtly criticise or ridicule The FA, Leagues, Opponents or Match Officials which bring the Game into disrepute, and can be attributed to a club member will leave that club open to severe sanction. The Football Association has issued a similar statement to Match Officials.
This is in line with current legislation regarding comments made in the media and on club websites and it must be pointed out that this extends to the social networks and any other readily accessible public information system.
There is a clearly defined avenue for airing comments and grievances, which must be through official channels. Individuals with comments to make involving any aspect of the Weston Super Mare and District Football League should direct those comments through their club secretary who will, in turn, contact the appropriate Officer of the League.