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Old Camdenians expunged

  • 15/04/10
  • By Danny McConnell
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The records of all Old Camdenians' sides for 2009-10 have been expunged.

Due to a number of serious incidents, culminating in an alleged assault on an opposing player which has been reported to the Metropolitan Police, the AFC Executive Committee decided at the meeting on 14th April 2010 that Old Camdenians would be required to appear before the league on 11th May, to discuss their membership and playing records. The club had requested time to review their playing membership, and address a number of administrative issues - particularly their records of who was actually playing for them.

In the interim, the Executive Committee felt it could not permit the club to continue to field its sides, a position which the club has recognised and agreed with. Given the late stage of the season, we felt we could not disrupt other clubs further, and consequently all Old Camdenians teams have been withdrawn from the Amateur Football Combination this season, and their records expunged. We are aware that this will have an impact on the divisions (4 North, 6 North, 7 North, 8 North) in which Camdenians compete, and whilst that is regrettable, our priority has to be to ensure the safety of other club's players.

The club's records have therefore been expunged, and will not be reinstated this season.