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My Club Wins

  • 21/12/23
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We want to introduce you to an exciting new opportunity to raise money for your Club and to invite you to sign up to a new initiative called 'My Club Wins' (MCW).

So, what is My Club Wins?

My Club Wins (MCW) is an online Society Lottery for grassroots community sports clubs. Launched by Sport Support CIC in 2023. it comes without cost or risk to Clubs.

MCW is an online monthly draw which enables lottery players to win national prizes whilst clubs and players can win donated and sponsored prizes. Tickets are £5 a month and no less than 50 per cent of funds raised are donated back to your Club. We believe this is one of the highest percentage returns of any UK lottery.

MCW offers Clubs an easy, modern, and sustainable way of raising funds at a time when many of our Clubs are facing difficult challenges.

MCW has no set up charges, is risk free and operates entirely online. It is paperless, cashless and requires minimal administration. MCW was created and has been launched by sports enthusiasts and is run by Sports Support a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) set up to raise funds specifically for recreational sport. The AFC have agreed to partner with Sports Support, who already have an arrangement with the Club Cricket Charity.

The website is live (see below) and if you want to know more then check out 'How it Works' and 'Got a Question' on the Home Page.

Both the AFC and Sports Support believe that social media is going to be an important tool in spreading the word about this, particularly X(Twitter), WhatsApp groups, Tik Tock, and Instagram. We need clubs to appoint 'champions' to recruit people to play the game across your community, but you'll need to have a minimum of 25 lottery players signed up to participate.

To get your Club involved you simply go to the red 'Club Sign Up' icon, answer a few questions and you're in.

In summary, there are several good reasons why Clubs should participate: -

50 per cent of ticket revenues are returned to Clubs.
There are monthly national cash prizes and non-cash prizes provided by sponsors.
Clubs have no risk or cost, and no licence is required.
Players support the Club they play for.
The draw is accessible on all devices.
Minimal effort is required to recruit players through social media promotion.
It's a year-on-year, subscription based, providing sustainable funding.
To Find out more Click on the link:
What are you waiting for? Sign-up NOW!

Martin C Armstrong
Amateur Football Combination