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  • 23/07/23
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The 2022/23 edition of the League’s Fantasy Premier League turned out to extremely competitive, eventually decided by a single point, with last season’s runner-up, Sam Bastable, formerly of Emmanuel Lightning, going one better with his team ABCDE FC.

Sam’s winning total of 2525 was one better than the 2524 of former Christ Faith Tabernacle player, Sengova Kailondo, the difference being largely down to Sengova’s decision to make one more transfer in the final week of the season when there were several other teams still in contention, namely The Sam Siro (Sam Woodhams) who finished on 2514, Taa Very Much (Emrys Downey) on 2509, Rodri You Plonker (Luke Williams) on 2506 and Gaffa’s Galacticos (Aaron White) on 2505.

As for the League Secretary, who led the competition for several weeks towards the end of the season, he once again had a disastrous last week when, in an attempt to regain some ground, he ignored his gut instinct to bring in Kane instead of Haaland and make him captain, instead taking a gamble on Almiron and Mbeumo which didn’t pay off, meaning he finished in seventh place on 2502.

The cup competition was again won by a Newgen player, with Anthony Lobo’ team Siki-Saka depriving Sam Bastable of a League & Cup double by comfortably winning the Final by 61-40.

If anyone with a connection to the League wants to join what is a fiercely competitive competition for the 2023/24 season, the entry code is w3sonm or you can use the link below.