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  • 24/09/08
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With a completely different squad of players than that which won the League's Annual Tournament last year, Newgen retained the title of 5-A-Side champions by beating All Saints Peckham in the final of the 2008 competition. Click here for more details

Pictured here, after receiving the trophy, is this year's winning squad of Lee Andrew, Rob Batley, Mike Buchanan, Matt Carvosso, 'Polish' Pete Jabiowski, Darren Jones, Phil Stradling and Adam Tremelling.

Newgen sailed through their qualifying group undefeated, conceding only one goal and dropping only one point, to group runners-up Christ Church Bromley, in a 'tactical' 0-0 draw. They then went on to defeat Christ Church Beckenham and West Croydon Wasps on their route to the final.

With a somewhat disappointing entry of just 24 teams, this year's first stage consisted of 4 groups of 6 teams, or rather, it would have done if all 24 teams had turned up. Two didn't and problems were further compounded when, after playing just two of their matches, one team decided to pack their bags and head off home because they didn't like the refereeing! Respect? I think not!

This meant that the remaining teams in that group unfortunately had a lot of sitting around waiting to do, but at least the sun had come out by that stage and they could rest their legs for the knock-out phase, although one further team, who finished bottom of their group, were obviously not enticed by the prospect of playing for the consolation Plate Trophy and disappeared after Phase 1. Shame they didn't bother to tell anyone!

Anyway, thankfully the sun shone, it didn't rain, and for once no-one got taken off to hospital in an ambulance, so hopefully the majority of those that bothered to turn up had an enjoyable day.