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Notes to Secretaries and Managers

  • 06/09/18
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Standard Registration (s)
For League games, all Registration Forms must be with the Registration Secretary on time. Check the Team Sheet Saturday lunchtime. First match of the season at least 12 players registered 7 days prior.
S.O.D.M Form (if used) must be completed and countersigned prior to the match.
Read Cup Rules.
All Players for rounds up to the Quarter Final inclusive must be registered at least seven days before the game. Semi-Final and Final 28 days prior and have played 3 games for the team in League Matches, Lexden/Great Bromley cups and for the Club in the League Knock Out, Amos or equivalent County Competition, The kick off in all Cup Competitions will be 1/2 hour before normal kick off times. e.g. League match 3pm Cup match 2.30pm.
Home Team
Inform the Referee and Opposition by Tuesday evening latest (phone and email when possible), preferably Monday evening (Venue, kick off time, home colours, name of Contact on arrival at venue).
Matchday Home Team
Ensure pitch and surroundings are safe and usable. Check pitch is marked correctly with nets and corner flags in place, no holes in pitch. Ensure toilets (male and female) and changing areas are clean and adequate. Welcome the Referee and Opposition (Respect). Hand the Referee two fit match balls and flags plus a stamped addressed envelope to the League Registration Secretary.
Both Teams
Team Sheet to the referee 5 minutes before kick-off. Respect the Referee and Opposition prior, during and after the game. After the game get your result on the website using SMS with goal scorers as soon as possible or Home Team ring the Registration Secretary within 30 minutes.
All County Cup results and any S.O.D.M details to Registration Secretary as soon as possible. Goal scorers to Press Secretary if you want them included in the Match Report.
Result Sheet
Result Sheets must be on C&EEFL Full Time website by Monday evening latest, preferably by the Sunday.
The League will publish fixtures on the Full Time website, please check regularly. Fixture changes may be made up to 4 days prior to a match. Some teams ground share and fixture changes may be required at short notice. Midweek games will be avoided if possible.
Cooperation between Clubs to ensure games are played will be appreciated. Do not assume you have a free Saturday. Always check with the League Match Secretary if you require a free date (as early as possible).
Kick-Of Times
Unless agreed by the Match Secretary.
League Fixtures: September-October — March, April, May 3.00pm
November, December, January, February 2.00pm Cup Fixtures: September, October — March, April, May 2.30pm
November, December, January, February 1.30pm
If you need to vary kick off time(s) please confirm with Match Secretary as soon as possible.
Oyster and Mersea Island Reserves may vary kick off times due to high tides covering the Strood.

If you receive a fine ensure you pay it on time. Non-payment by due date will incur further cost and can be expensive. Deal with all financial and administration matters quickly.

On all related mattes if you have any problems please feel free to let us know. We are always available to help if possible.