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SDFP Challenge Cup 2020-21

  • 29/08/20
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Round One draw

Details for this years SDFPL Challenge Cup are as follows.

Round 1: Saturday 17th October 2020 (4 teams)

Doncaster Vulcan v Stoney Middleton

Caribbean Sports v Sheffield Steelers

Round 2: Saturday 16th November 2020 (32 teams)

32 teams will be involved. The draw will follow the conclusion of Round One matches.

Round 3: Saturday 14th December 2020 (16 teams)

Quarter Finals: 30th January 2021 (8 teams)

Semi Final & Final: TBC 2021

As normal, cup matches take priority therefore any league games involving the four teams taking part in Round One will need to be re-arranged. No league fixtures are scheduled for the date of Round Two.