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New Fixture Postponement Procedure

  • 10/01/24
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Proposed procedure for inclusion to Handbook as rule change for next season. Rule 20 D (iii) or 20 E (iii)

If your pitch is unavailable, speak to your opposition first & see if they can accommodate you with the fixture at their ground or seek an alternative venue suitable for housing the fixture to league standards.

Ensure no players are contacted prior to this stage being carried out.

1) If all else fails, then ring Referee & Referees Secretary, so that he can re-direct your Referee to another fixture.

2) Contact the Match Secretary & alert him that your game is postponed & give reason for cancellation.

3) Contact preferably by email – The re-arrangements co-ordinator with the information as you supplied to the Match Secretary & copy in the other Sub-committee members.

4) Any fixtures other than where you have been able to raise a side should be re-arranged with-in 14 days of the original fixture date. A further 7 days will be given to set a date before the date is set by the league.
Fines will apply after 14 days & a further 7 days. as per fines tariff

This procedure is vital to the smooth running of the league fixture program & keeping football as continuous as possible throughout the season.

To help with this policy it is also important that you should endeavour to bring fixtures forward to free dates available as soon as possible.

Your current contacts referred to in the document are as follows :

1) Referees Secretary - Chris Wilmot - - 07871 056 741
2) Match Secretary - Terry Upton - - 0117 9606 252
3) Re-arrangement co-ordinator - Graham Williams - - 07715 103 072
3a) Sub Committee members : Steve Brown - - 07828 601 924
Ralph Pratten - - 07788 678 211

Document for club distribution - Download / Open