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U7-U10 Girls Football Gala-Sun 19 May pm

  • 09/05/19
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H&DJGFL U7 to U10 GIRLS GALA hosted by Killinghall Nomads JFC

Held at Killinghall Moor Community Park, Sunday afternoon, 19th May 2019

GALA No.8 Was held on 19/05/2019 - Sunday 1pm - 3pm. Venue - Killinghall Moor Community Park, Harrogate.

We had 16x teams attending from 9x different clubs. Approx 90 girls attended!

5x U7s team, 3x U8s teams, 6x U9s teams & 2x U10 teams

The girls were grouped together; U7s & U8s teams on two pitches and also U9s & U10s teams on another two pitches. Playing 4x round robins where teams got the opportunity to play each other for 10 minute matches.
It was noted the pitch sizes were challenging for the younger players (apologies for that) but from feedback received already, all had a great time..
Referees were not provided but as usual Team managers sorted amongst themselves as to who would referee each match. Worked well & thank you all for your co-operation!

U7s/U8s Round Robin:
Burley Trojans U7
Guiseley Juniors Yellows U7
Horsforth St Margarets U7
Bedale Bluebirds U7
Pannal Ash U7
Burley Trojans U8
Guiseley Juniors Blues U8
Guiseley Juniors Whites U8

U9s/U10s Round Robins:
Ilkley Town Tigers U9
Pannal Ash U9
Scotton Scorchers U9
Stamford Bridge U9
Wigton Moor Foxes U9
Wigton Moor Wolves U9
Burley Trojans U10
Tockwith Juniors U10