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Safety and parking at Arrowe Park.

  • 11/11/18
  • By Secretary Wirral CGFL
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It has been pointed out that vehicles are entering the gates in front of the pavillion and reversing out on to Arrowe Park Road.

Wirral Division of the Cheshire Girls Football League have been advised that vehicles are entering the area in front of the pavillion to park.
But upon entering and finding no space, vehicles are having to reverse out onto a very busy main road.
Creating a major hazard to all road users!
We would ask that spectators use the space along Arrowe Park Road, or the Pay and Display car park located on Arrowebrook road at the bottom of Arrowe Park.
We do understand that there are lots of vehicles that need to be parked to allow players to alight.
Could all users park within the law and safely, with consideration to others.

Thank you for your co-operation